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NY-03 - Democratic Candidate Forum

Produced by Sound Shore Votes
Moderated by Andrew Whitman


  • Alessandra Biaggi
  • Melanie D’Arrigo
  • Jon Kaiman
  • Joshua Lafazan
  • Reema Rasool
  • Robert Zimmerman

For more Information about the candidates:

Fighting Extremism
How the Proud Boys and Other Hate Groups
Radicalized the GOP and Threaten Our Communities

Messaging Matters:
Holding the Media Responsible

Special Guest: Eric Boehlert

  • Founder & Editor PressRun.Media
  • Television Media Commentator
  • Author & Journalist

Never Again:
Fighting for Democracy a Year After the
Capitol Insurrection

Special Guest: Dan Goldman

  • Trump Impeachment Prosecutor
  • NBC Legal Analyst
  • Former Federal Prosecutor

The Right Wing Campaign to Invade Our School Boards

Expert Panelists included:

  • Judd Legum, Founder and Author of Popular Information
  • Adam Laats, Author & Professor of US History
  • Juontel White, Social Impact Strategist
  • Rebecca Jacobsen, Professor of Education Policy

Fight Voter Suppression Efforts

We’ll be focused on supporting initiatives that will help voters in states that are affected by the many voter suppression laws taking effect. Get familiar with the many sides of this issue.

No Surrender NY

No Surrender NY is dedicated to preserving a Democratic majority in the House by targeting GOP seats in NY. Join No Surrender NY, support the group, help amplify the message and check out their latest video about January 6.

About Us

Our mission is to uphold democracy through voter education, building voter registration and access, holding elected officials accountable, educating ourselves and others to ensure equality for all as we fight racism, sexism, xenophobia, authoritarianism, environmental destruction, and corruption with allies and partners.

Since starting as a “living room meeting” in February 2017, Indivisible New Rochelle has grown from a dozen members to a mailing list of over 600. This group was founded on the practical principles outlined in the Indivisible Guide, which put the focus on taking back democracy at the local level. Our members represent the diverse community that is New Rochelle. Indivisible is a grassroots movement where members join at a level and in a manner that makes sense for each of us. Joining our group implies no commitment of time or resources on your part, just a shared vision.

For more information on Indivisible New Rochelle or if you want to know how to join please email us.

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