Blue Wave Candidates

As part of our effort to realize a blue wave in 2018, Indivisible New Rochelle will be featuring Democratic candidates that are running in key races across the country. We will be adding to and updating this page as we learn about candidates in winnable races. 

Shelley Mayer

NYS District 37

Indivisible New Rochelle is committed to supporting Shelley Mayer for New York State Senate District 37. Join us. #KeepNY37Blue

Election Date: April 24

Do you know of a candidate we should be featuring? Please let us know at


To uphold democracy through voter education, building voter registration, holding elected officials accountable, educating ourselves and others to ensure equality for all, fight racism, xenophobia, authoritarianism, environmental destruction, and corruption with allies and partners.

Participatory democracy works when people participate. It is more crucial than ever to vote. Your vote is your voice.

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