Elections Team - Candidates and Canvassing for State and Congressional Races

The Indivisible New Rochelle Elections team is actively supporting the following candidates for the crucial Fall 2018 elections. Gaining a Democratic majority in the New York State Senate will ensure that New York has a blue fire wall to guard us against the policies of the Trump administration. We also need to win at the Federal level and FLIP the House and we have winnable races here in New York. 

Get to know the candidates we are supporting by clicking on the arrow beside their name. For each candidate, we provide a brief summary and links to where you can get more information.

We will build a blue wave together, one vote at a time. We need your help. There are many ways to help. Join us. elections@indivisiblenewrochelle.org

Why do we do this?

Indivisible New Rochelle asks for your help supporting these candidates:

James Skoufis for New York State Senate District 39

James Skoufis is a candidate running for a now open New York State Senate seat in District 39.
James is a progressive candidate who shares Westchester values. He is a dynamic fighter who is #TrueBlue, and we have a good opportunity to flip this long-held Republican seat and gain a Democrat in NYS Senate. Why have we chosen to support James Skoufis?

  • Because he has asked specifically for the help of the “Shelley Squad” (canvassers extraordiaire)
  • His enthusiastic advocates in NYS Senate District 39 look forward to working with us to ensure that they will at long last be well represented in the New York Senate. (The 30-year incumbent is finally retiring at age 90.)
  • James Skoufis is young, dynamic, articulate, hard-working, progressive.
  • Skoufis has been elected three times to the NYS Assembly by substantive margins. His name recognition is substantive; his popularity is palpable among diverse communities in the area.
  • Shelley Mayer, who knows James Skoufis well from service together in NYS Assembly, has endorsed him strongly saying that James has excelled in representing his Assembly district.
  • Shelley also notes that James Skoufis he has been consistently supported such as health care, women’s rights, excellent public education for every child
  • With our help this is a winnable seat for the Democrats in the NYS Senate, very possibly the one which will flip the Senate.
Campaign website: https://www.skoufisforny.com/ James is endorsed by New York State Senate District 39 Indivisible New Rochelle will be working directly with other Indivisible groups in Westchester to support this important campaign.

Anthony Brindisi for New York Congressional District 22

Anthony Brindisi is running for US Congress for New York District 22. This is a district that has been identified as "toss-up Republican" by the Cook Political Report. We are enthusiastically supporting Anthony Brindisi as one who can help us FLIP the House because he demonstrates:

  • Committment to affordable healthcare for all and against all attempts to dismantle the ACA. In contrast, Claudia Tenney voted to repeal the individual mandate, which NY insurers have blamed as the reason for their projected rate hikes of up to 38.6%. He also voted FOR the NY Health Act.
  • Conviction regarding a woman's right to choose.
  • Opposition to any privatization of Social Security and Medicare.
  • Unwavering belief that climate change is real and that elected officials must lead on the issue of protecting the planet. He supports investing in research to help create good paying jobs in clean energy to upstate NY.
  • Commitment to reversing the corporate takeover of elections by ending Citizens United. He does not accept any donations from PACS.
  • Support for common sense gun regulation. He is against Conceal Carry Reciprocity, which Tenney was a co-sponsor of. He is in favor of Extreme Risk Protection Orders, banning bump stocks, limiting rounds in magazines, raising the age of purchasing all guns to 21, and expanding background checks.
  • Commitment to fighting and supporting good PUBLC education, and against the privatization of education currently endorsed by Devos. He is pushing to invest in Career and Technical Certifications in middle schools and high schools to prepare students for careers in manufacturing and trades.
Campaign website: https://brindisiforcongress.com/ Anthony is endorsed by Sierra Club. NARAL, Giffords Law Center to Prevent gun violence, NEA, End Citizens United, American Federation of Government Employees, Population Connection, NY State AFL-CIO. New York Congressional District 22 This is an important, winnable race. Brindisi's opponent, Claudia Tenney describes herself as "more Trump than Trump." An extremist, conservative politician, Tenney is a life-long supporter of the NRA.

Antonio Delgado for New York Congressional District 19

Antonio Delgado is running for US Congress for New York District 19. This is a district which overlaps with District 41 home district for Karen Smythe, another candidate we are supporting. This is a district that has been changed from "lean Republican" to "toss-up" by the Cook Political Report. Antonio Delgado is a candidate who can help us FLIP the House in November, and flipping this seat would mean removing Trump-endorsed John Faso from Congress. Delgado is running a true grassroots campaign and is not accepting funding from any corporate PACs. On August 1st, Delgado was endorsed by President Barack Obama as a one of the Democratic candidates who is "as diverse, patriotic and big-hearted as the America they're running to represent." His progressive platform covers a continuum of issues that are central not just to NYCD 19, but for the country as a whole. These issues include, but are not limited to:

  • A public healthcare option leaing to universal care, and protecting womens health
  • Increasing the minimum wage and serving as an ally to workers, small business, and labor unions
  • Fighting back against the Trump tax pan and simplifying the tax code and removing loopholes that only benefit the very rich
  • Fighting the policies of DeVos and protecting public education and increasing access to college and investing in trade and vocational schools
  • Protecting rivers and waterways and building the clean energy sector of the economy
Check out the thorough Issues section of Delgado's website for is positions on a variety of issues. New York CD 19 includes Columbia, Delaware, Greene, Otsego, Schoharie, Sullivan, and Ulster counties and parts of Broome, Dutchess, Montgomery and Rensselaer counties. The closest office to us is in Hyde Park. We will be collaborating with Indivisible groups and supporting Indivisible CD19 with Delgado's campaign.

Karen Smythe for New York State Senate District 41

Karen Smythe is a candidate running New York State Senate seat in District 41. This is a district which overlaps with Antonio Delgado, another candidate we are supporting. Currently held by Republican Serino, District 41 went to Clinton in 2016 by +1.3% and was identified as one of the key districts to determine the balance of power in Albany.
Karen is a progressive candidate looking to FLIP this important Senate seat and help give the New York State Senate a healthy true-blue majority. Her promises are to:

  • WORK to expand jobs and economic opportunities in the Hudson Valle y
  • ENSURE our local schools receive the funding they need
  • STAND UP for taxpayers and work to make the Hudson Valley affordable.
  • PROTECT our environment and utilize our natural resources for more green jobs
  • ADVOCATE for new ethics and campaign finance laws to clean up Albany
  • PASS common-sense gun ​safety laws like banning bump stocks and strengthening background checks
  • EXPAND access to affordable healthcare
  • FIGHT to protect a woman’s right to choose and to ensure equal pay for equal work
Please visit her website for more information. Let's help Karen unseat Sue Serino, who is funded by the NRA and voted against Senate Bill S8121, which was to "ensure that domestic violence offenders do not have access to firearms." Karen's district overlaps with Antonio Delgado's in the Rhinebeck vicinity. Get involved with this campaign and help support two important races at once! New York Senate District 41:

Pete Harckham for New York State Senate District 40

Pete Harckham is a candidate for the New York State Senate in District 40, who has had a distinguished career in public service. He is running to flip a Republican-held seat and remove a State Senator who has continuously blocked a variety of common-sense and progressive legislation. Pete’s experience as a leader and consensus builder is broad. He served on the Westchester County Board of Legislators from 2008 – 2015 and was a leading voice for maintaining vital services during the Tea Party attacks; protecting our fragile drinking water supplies and environment; and investing in our families. In 2010, Pete was selected by his colleagues to serve as Democratic Majority Leader of the Board of Legislators because of his progressive values, work ethic and organizational skills.
These are the issues that Pete would prioritize as District 40’s State Senator:

  • Pass the Reproductive Health Act - Codify Roe v. Wade in state law and to remove reproductive health from the state’s criminal code.
  • Pass the Red Flag Bill - To temporarily remove firearms from the homes of people who are deemed either a threat to themselves or to others by a judge.
  • Pass the Child Victims Act - To update the statute of limitations for reporting and prosecuting cases of child abuse which are often too short to bring the abusers, as well as the institutions that enabled them, to justice.
  • Universal Health Care - To introduce a single payer system in New York that will assure that all New Yorkers have medical coverage as well as coverage for addiction and mental health treatments.
  • Revitalize Downtown Mainstreets - To create a proactive plan to make our downtown streets walkable, enjoyable, and economically thriving again.
  • Hold Utility Companies Accountable - To prevent the extended power outages after major storms because of gross incompetence and refusal to implement changes to their procedures and infrastructure.
  • Election Reform - To implement reforms like early voting, voting by mail, and automatic registration. Protect the voting rights of historically marginalized citizens and reject my opponent’s stated desire to enact a Voter ID law.
  • Renewable Energy - To ensure that New York State is the leader in renewable energy. We do not need to use natural gas, and its dangerous infrastructure.
For more more information, visit his website - http://peteforny.com/ Pete Harckham is running for New York State Senate for District 40, which includes Northern Westchester.

Text Banking

Text banking is a great way to support campaigns and reach 100's of potential voters within a single sitting. Liz has put together a great set of instructions for getting setup with text-banking. All you need is a computer and an internet connection to get going. Click on this link to access Liz's instructions. If you have any questions, email us at info@indivisiblenewrochelle.org