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Actions for Let NY Vote

This comes from our friends at Let NY Vote:

We have 2 quick asks for you that will take you less than 2 minutes to complete:

1. Email the State Senate Finance Committee. They requested that constituents send in their budget priorities via email so they can incorporate them into the One-House budget — now we need to make sure our voices are heard!

Email budgetforum2019@gmail.com and tell them that you want to see a minimum of $25 million (less than 1% of the state budget) in direct funding for Early Voting & E-Pollbooks in the Senate One-House Budget, so counties have the proper support to cover start-up and implementation costs this year.

2. Email your reps. Send an email to your own State Senator and Assembly Member asking them to fight to fund Early Voting in the One-House and final State Budgets.

Go to this form and enter your zip code and LetNY Vote will generate an email to your Senator and Assembly Member for you!

We fought hard to make sure New Yorkers would no longer have to choose between their family, their work, and their vote. Now the State Legislature must send a strong message to New York voters and the Governor by providing funding in their One-House budgets.

Write to budgetforum2019@gmail.com and your state legislators today and ask them to fund Early Voting!


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