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Become a District Leader - Get Involved Locally

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Are you interested in becoming directly involved in Democratic politics at the local level? The New Rochelle Democratic Committee is looking for individuals to step up and serve as District Leaders. There are several open seats across the district. Becoming a District Leader is an opportunity to help ensure that progressive values are represented in our local Democratic Committee.

It is preferable, but not essential that you live in New Rochelle in order to serve in this role. You can live in a nearby town such as Larchmont or Scarsdale, but you do need to live in the same New York State Assembly District that you are representing.

What does a District Leader do?

Both the Democratic and Republican parties have District Leaders (DL). The official title is a Member of the Westchester Democratic County Committee. DLs represent Election Districts (EDs) in their community. There are two DLs per Election District. Some DL seats sit empty while others may be filled by individuals who have limited involvement with the electorate..

DLs are volunteer positions to represent and serve as advocates the electorate living in their respective Election District. DLs may carry petitions signed by their constituents for candidates running for office before a party primary, general election, or referendum. DLs may also work to engage the electorate by providing information on upcoming elections, door-to-door canvassing, sending post cards, and distributing campaign literature.

Indivisible New Rochelle District Leaders

Indivisible New Rochelle DLs bring a progressive perspective to the New Rochelle Democratic Committee. The Indivisible New Rochelle DLs have been highly involved in George Latimer, Damon Maher and Shelley Mayer and Terry Clements' recent campaigns. The Elections Team uses Board of Elections voter results data to better understand voter distribution and dynamics of involvement at the ED level. Each Election District is a discernible and manageable geographical area that can be targeted for canvassing. EDs tend to average between 90 and 150 registered Democrats.

Working with voter distribution data and identifying voter behavior shifts, such as upticks in recent election, serves as the basis for prioritizing EDs for canvassing efforts. Where possible, we engage DLs to work directly with the voters in their districts. Below is an example of view of the election results data that helps us understand voter dynamics across New Rochelle.

What is required to become a District Leader?

These are the requirements to become a District Leader (DL):

  • You are registered as a Democrat - If you are not registered with a party or you are part of another party, such as the Green Party, you must change party registration first.

  • You are a resident of the Assembly District in which the Election District is located. While you are representing Democratic voters that are part of a given Election District, that Election District is part of a larger Assembly District. You do not have to live in the same Election District that you are representing, though most often you will end up representing a district that is very close.

If you are interested, you are encouraged to attend the New Rochelle Democratic Committee meetings. Or, please let us know at info@indivisiblenewrochelle.org and we will help get you connected.

For more information on Election District Leaders, please refer to this very helpful role description.

Here is a map showing all of the EDs in New Rochelle. Each numbered ED has two DLs to represent Democrats living in that district.


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