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Updated: Mar 21, 2020

On June 8, Indivisible New Rochelle, Indivisible Westchester and Indivisible NYCD-16 hosted a Disinformation Forum, "Beat the Bots and Trash the Trolls."

A goal of the forum was to educate ourselves on the dynamics of disinformation and election interference via social media. How is it that troll-generated disinformation gains traction? How do bogus tweets and posts get amplified across the world in a matter of hours? What should we expect as we approach the election of 2020?

Two experts joined us to address these questions:

Renee DiResta

Research Director at New Knowledge and Co-Author of The Disinformation Report for the US Senate Intelligence Committee

Justin Hendrix

Executive Director of the NYC Media Lab, Founder of the March for Truth

Renee DiResta

Justin Hendrix

Full video, including Q&A

The event was moderated by:

Micah Sifry

Co-Founder and President of Civic Hall

Editorial Director and Co-Founder, Personal Democracy Forum

Tasha D. Young

Community Organizer

Adjunct Professor NYU, Lobbying, Legislation and Social Action

Below is a checklist that provides a high level overview of disinformation terminology and concepts. Please feel free to download and share.

Additional educational materials are available at www.disarmdisinfo.com.



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