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Why read the Mueller Report?

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

It is 448 pages long, there is plenty of legalese, key sections are redacted.

Yet, it is the most important book we can read this summer. Mueller Book Clubs are forming around the country, and there is a virtual Mueller Book Club, complete with webinars available for on-demand viewing. I joined the Mueller Book Club in order to commit to reading the entire Report.

As one who is profoundly disturbed by the drama of Trump-as-President every day, I owe it to myself to read the actual Report. Reading the report gives me the opportunity to have a personal and informed view on what happened and the topic of Impeachment.

Whether we like it or not, impeachment inquiries are an inevitable next step.

The Constitution places the responsibility for investigative inquiry in the hands of the House. There is simply too much that demands further inquiry. The American people have a right to know.

The report opens the door to countless questions, such as:

  • To what end was Paul Manafort passing polling data to a Russian associate on a regular basis?

  • What was Jared Kushner's urgency in setting up back channel communications with Russian oligarchs close to Putin before Trump actually assumed office? And are those back channels still in use?

  • How can Donald Trump be known to re-write his son's explanation for the Trump Tower meeting, while maintaining not to not have had knowledge of the meeting?

Donald Trump's administration has made clear it will not cooperate with further investigation. Nancy Pelosi describes Trump's refusal to cooperate as "almost self-impeaching." So here we are, at Trump's self-impeaching.

Don't have time to read the report, watch Law Work's presentation, of The Investigation: A Crime in 10 Acts. The ~1-hour production includes Annette Bening as the Narrator, Kevin Kline as Robert Mueller, John Lithgow as Trump and Joel Grey as Jeff Sessions.

Don't have an hour? Listen to NPR's "All of the Mueller Report's major findings in Less than 30-minutes"

You don't have 30 minutes? Here is Vox's "The Mueller report, explained in 500 words."

Watch video webinars from the Mueller Book Club here (great guests!)

Full formats:

A graphic novel version is also available for pre-order!


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