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House Bill Threatens to Deny Food to 2 Million People

We need to call members of Congress. Eliot Engel, who is a the House Representative for many of us in Indivisible New Rochelle, voiced his strong opposition to this bill today. Please call Representative Engel to say thank you. And urge your friends and family in other Congressional Districts to call their Representatives. Feel free to share this article, which has instructions for getting through.

Ask them to tell their reps: Vote NO on H.R. 2, the Farm Bill!

In case it's hard to get through, there are several ways to call, including toll-free numbers generously provided by Feeding America and Faith in Public Life (both CHN members):

Feeding America's toll free number: 1-888-398-8702. After a short message, you will be connected to your Representative's office after entering your zip code.

Faith in Public Life's toll free number: 1-833-638-7627. After a short message, you'll be connected to your Rep's office after entering your zip code.

Or just call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121 - not toll free. Ask to be connected to your Representative by name. (Don't know? Go to to house.gov to find out; enter your zip code on upper right corner of webpage.)

However you get connected, the message is simple. Tell your Rep: "Vote NO on H.R. 2, the Farm Bill, because its rigid work rules and other restrictions will reduce or eliminate SNAP for millions of children, veterans, women, older people, and people needing treatment and/or with disabilities."

Here are some links to learn more:

This fight to keep SNAP strong and free of arbitrary work rules really intended to deny assistance is the same fight playing out across other vital low-income programs. Defeating H.R. 2's SNAP cuts will strengthen our hand when it comes to similar fights over housing assistance, Medicaid, and other social programs. Learn more here, on CHN's Protecting Basic Needs Programs resource page: https://www.chn.org/issues/protecting-basic-needs-programs-2018/

Eliot Engel speaks out against cuts to SNAP:

"SNAP is a lifeline for 40 million low-income Americans and millions of working families.  It is the most effective anti-hunger program in the country.  It is a proven pathway out of poverty for America’s most vulnerable families.

And yet, instead of protecting a successful program like SNAP, this cruel GOP bill would take over $23 billion in benefits away from children, seniors, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and working families struggling to make ends meet."

Eliot Engel, May 16, 2018


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