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Immigrant Rights Updates - January 2018

Westchester Immigrant Protection Act

With the election victories of County Executive-Elect George Latimer and three legislator seats flipped to blue, the Immigrant Protection Act is being re-introduced now that the newly-elected legislators taken office. It will need to go through committee processes then acted on by the Board of Legislators. The 12-5 Democratic margin on the Board of Legislators will adopt it, and Latimer is committed to signing it. Keep tuned for action opportunities.


ICE has continued to be active in New York City, the county and nearby in Connecticut with plans to detain and deport immigrants. We have been alerted by several groups (including CT Shoreline Indivisible) of these imminent actions and have joined them in petitions and calls to members of Congress to intervene to delay the deportation orders for further legal action on behalf of those being threatened with deportation.

DACA (Deferred Action Childhood Arrival)

From Indivisible

Now that Republicans just shut down the government over Trump's bigoted agenda, here’s what you can do to take action:

  1. Visit DreamerPledge.org to read our latest analysis. Find out if your members of Congress (MoCs) were Dream Heroes or Dream Killers tonight.

  2. Call your Senators using our toll-free line at 1-855-980-2355. Use our Dream Hero call script if your Senator voted to protect Dreamers. And use our Dream Killer call script if your Senator voted to fund the government without protecting Dreamers. You’ll be prompted for your zip code and immediately connected to one of your Senators. Call back again and you’ll be connected to your other Senator!

  3. Chip in to support the national Indivisible Team's organizing to hold Republicans who shut down the government accountable. 45 Republicans (5 Democrats!) sided with Trump’s racist agenda over 800,000 immigrant youth, the overwhelming majority of Americans who stand with Dreamers, and government employees who don’t know where their next paycheck will come from. Indivisibles are already holding them accountable and will continue to do so today, tomorrow, and on election day in November.

Immigrant youth have waited too long for a permanent solution to the crisis created by Trump’s vicious deportation agenda and terrible deal-making. 122 Dreamers lose their protection every day, and more than 16,000 have lost their DACAmented status since September. Dreamers’ lives shouldn’t be in limbo because Republicans can’t govern.

Message from United We Dream

As the nation grapples with the reality of the Trump Shutdown and the lengths Republicans have been willing to go to hold the Dream Act hostage, immigrant youth and allies will hold a vigil on the Senate side of the US Capitol to call on Republicans to reach a breakthrough to protect young immigrants.

Immigrant youth from United We Dream will be joined by people of conscience of all backgrounds as well as CASA in Action, Church World Service, FIRM/Center for Community Change, NAKASEC, SEIU, MoveOn, Undocublack and others. We will hold vigil calling on Congress to reach a breakthrough to protect immigrant young people. Call on Republicans to stop holding hostage the protections of young immigrants with candles, banners, song and the sharing of personal stories.


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