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Indivisible New Rochelle Environmental Team Update, in partnership with NYCD16

1.  NYCD 16 has chosen Indian Point (IP) and the nearby Algonquin Pipeline as its target focus. 

Short term goal: Governor Cuomo to release the Independent Safety Analysis of the pipeline near IP.

Long-term goals: Ensure that the spent waste from IP be safely stored in perpetuity, get memorialized resolutions from towns, have a citizens oversight committee supervises decommissioning of IP. 

2. Another great organization that is promoting ACTIONS for the environment is Food and Water Actions. Their Off Fossil Fuels campaign is working to get Members of Congress to co-sponsor legislation to move us to 100% renewable energy. They have a Slack channel and use Relay so volunteers like us can send a hundred texts in just a few minutes. They go to people who have previously taken action or signed up to help, so mostly you get friendly responses. They also have call teams if you prefer to help that way. It is an easy way to get involved from home without a huge time commitment. You can join by going to www.offfossilfuels.org/.

3.  The Bedford 2020 Climate Action Summit included many vendors and organizations sharing environmental resources, everything from lawn care to electric cars. There were many workshops as well. One focus was on NY’s goal of 50% renewable energy by 2030. The good news is that we have all the technology needed to have 100% renewable energy in the US. NR’s Noam Bramson was on the panel for this session. Another inspiring session was on the Environmental Voter Project, which uses many of the same effective strategies for GOTV that we used to get Latimer elected.  Shockingly, environmentalists have terrible voter turnout. The goal is to change voter habits—like Rock the Vote, but for Environmentalists. Go to environmentalvoter.org and sign up—they send you email alerts for EVERY election in which you are eligible to vote. You can also sign up to do text alerts or phone banks to voters in targeted states. This can have a huge impact on getting politicians to pay attention to environmental concerns. 

So in summary: Join Food and Water Actions and/or the Environmental Voter Project and/or NYCD 16’s environmental team!

Jenn Horowitz

Indivisible New Rochelle- Environment team


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