• Indivisible New Rochelle

INR Community Priorities

  • Local Jobs: What is being done to ensure New Rochelle residents are being hired for the new development? How many jobs have been created to date? Are you engaging union labor in new development?

  • Affordable Housing: Are any of the current developments providing more than the minimum of 10% at 80% of AMI (area median income)? Will the City change its requirements to include more affordability than just 10% and at the lower AMI to ensure true affordability?

  • Tax Incentives: Since September 2017, the IDA has approved tax breaks worth a total of $155 million. Most of these are in the form of Payment In Lieu of Taxes agreements that will play out over the next 20 to 30 years. What do you expect New Rochelle residents will receive in return? How is this being measured?

  • Community Space:Have any of the developments to date added open accessible to all community space?

  • Environmental Considerations: Has any park land been added? The City has a tree program to increase the number of trees in our city. Of the developments approved to date some are removing trees, it is to be hoped these are being replaced. What is the net gain/loss of trees to our City to date?

  • Infrastructure: Can you please explain the state of our sewer system in the downtown? Is New Rochelle still under a consent decree to reduce total inflow into the sewage treatment plant? Is a sewer study being done about how all the sewage requirements of the new developments will be met? How much will upgrades cost the city?

  • Historic Preservation: The Master Developer Agreement talks of balancing development and preservation, can you please tell us how this is being achieved? When will the City complete an Historic Preservation Plan as recommended in the 2016 Comprehensive Plan? Do you support a moratorium of demolition of buildings recognized by New Rochelle City and/or NY State as having historic significance until a Preservation Plan is in place?

  • $10,000,000 Lincoln Avenue: New Rochelle just received a $10 million dollar grant to revitalize the Lincoln Avenue Corridor. What is the exact area covered by the grant and how you anticipate this money being spent? What community involvement will there be in creating the final plan? What are the outcomes you are seeking?


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