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June Elections - A How-to Guide

Updated: May 30

  • Presidential Primary: BACK ON!

  • US Congress NYCD 16 and NYCD17

  • State Assembly AD91

  • Westchester County District Attorney

Below we provide step-by-step instructions regarding the June Presidential and Westchester County primary elections. This entire set of instructions can also be downloaded as a single graphic and shared. Click here to access this as a single file.

What to do?

  • Learn how to cast your ballot by mail

  • Teach your network!

June 23 Application

Ballot applications mailed to every registered voter by June 1st

Filling Out the Application

June 23 Ballots

Presidential Ballot

  • Column 1: Vote for one presidential candidate.

  • Columns 2-9: Vote for up to 8 delegates. You can select delegates from any row.

New York State, Westchester County Ballot

  • Vote for 1 candidate per office

Returning Your Ballots

Seal ballots in “inner” envelope. Two ballots are placed in the single "inner" envelope, which you then sign.

Put “inner” envelope in the “outer” envelope and mail it back



To uphold democracy through voter education, building voter registration, holding elected officials accountable, educating ourselves and others to ensure equality for all, fight racism, xenophobia, authoritarianism, environmental destruction, and corruption with allies and partners.

Participatory democracy works when people participate. It is more crucial than ever to vote. Your vote is your voice.

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