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Legislative Actions - Who, Where, What

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

This page will provide you with the Who, Where and What for reaching out to our New York State representatives. This page will be updated with new "What's" as new priorities emerge. Please stay tuned.


  • Governor Cuomo: (518) 474-8390 | The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor of New York State, NYS State Capitol Building, Albany, NY 12224

  • Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins: scousins@nysenate.gov | (518) 455-2585 I 188 State Street, Room 907, Legislative Office Building, Albany, NY 12247

  • Senator Shelley Mayer: smayer@nysenate.gov | 914-934-5250 | Legislative Office, Building, Room 615, Albany, NY 12247

  • Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie: Speaker@nyassembly.gov | 718-654-6539 or 518-455-3791 or 518-455-4812 | Room 932, Legislative Office Building, Albany, NY 12248

  • Assemblymember Steve Otis: OtisS@nyassembly.gov | 914-939-7028 or 518-455-4897 | Legislative Office Building, Room 327, Albany, NY 12248

  • Assemblymember Amy Paulin: PaulinA@nyassembly.gov | 914-723-1115 or 518-455-5585 | Legislative Office Building, Room 422, Albany, NY 12248


Updated: 3/17/2019

March 26 - Climate Action Team: Call for Community Protection Act (CCPA)

Please call Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins: scousins@nysenate.gov | (518) 455-2585 I 188 State Street, Room 907, Legislative Office Building, Albany, NY 12247

▶︎ Script: "Senator Stewart-Cousins, I am calling to urge you to bring the Climate and Community Protection Act (CCPA, S2992) to the floor of the Senate and work to secure its passage by the entire Legislature and signature by Gov. Cuomo with proper funding as a priority this Session. Thank you!"

Updated: 1/12/19


Voicemail/calls ONLY - Deadline 1/14, 1/15

▶︎ Script: I’m glad to hear that the NY legislature is prioritizing voting reform this year. I’m calling to urge you to include comprehensive and necessary measures that Let NY Vote is championing, not just something that looks good as a headline. Please ensure the final legislation includes the following and that you will back any necessary budgetary measures:

  • Early voting that includes at least two weekends and some evenings, and is funded in the bill itself

  • Automatic voter registration not limited to the DMV

  • Restoring voting rights for people on parole as an automatic process under law, with funding for implementation

  • A more flexible change of party deadline closer to election day

  • Consolidated state and federal primaries

  • Same-day voter registration as a constitutional amendment

  • Pass the Voter Friendly Ballot Act


Voicemail, email and postcard - Senators esp.

Background: RHA and CCCA- passed in the Democratic NYS Assembly but have been blocked in the State Senate by the GOP and IDC. RHA should be up for vote Jan 22nd and needs our immediate attention due to push back from various groups. Actions on the CCCA will come next.

The RHA would replace an outdated state law that does not ensure protection against federal threats to reproductive rights. The bill would repeal criminal abortion statutes, permit abortion after 24 weeks when the pregnant person’s health is at risk or when the fetus is not viable, and allow nurse practitioners and physicians’ assistants to provide abortion services. Senator Krueger and Assemblymember Glick have pre-filed it for reintroduction on Jan. 9, the first day of session, to pass it by Jan. 22, the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. Catholic groups are mobilizing their members to contact their legislators to block the RHA. (article)

▶︎ Script: Dear [elected official],

Almost 50 years after Roe Vs Wade, access to women’s essential reproductive health care is under attack by the federal government. New York can take the lead in ensuring these rights are protected. I look forward to the passage of the Reproductive Health Act to protect access to safe, legal abortion in New York State and to properly treat it as care from qualified health care providers. Passage of the Reproductive Health Act sends a strong message to the federal administration that our state will never go backward on our reproductive health care.

Sincerely, Name Address Phone number


Voicemail, email and postcard

Right now, undocumented immigrants cannot obtain driver’s licenses in NY State. This makes people vulnerable to ICE arrest and hinders their ability to access healthcare or other daily needs to care for themselves, along with their families. Call Albany and demand action NOW to protect undocumented immigrants!

▶︎ Script: My name is… and I’m a constituent from... I’m calling to ask Governor Cuomo/ the Senator / Representative to call for immediate action to allow undocumented citizens the right to obtain driver’s licenses. Driving is a necessity in most parts of the state but driving without a license is extremely risky and can lead to deportation for immigrant families. I do not support the Trump administration’s inhumane practice of deporting and separating families and want to do everything in my power to prevent it in my state.


Voicemail, email and postcard

▶︎ Script: I’m calling to ask______ to sponsor/ support the Climate and Community Protection Act and the Climate and Community Investment Act and make passing these bills a priority in 2019. These bills would cut our emissions, create green jobs, and hold corporate polluters accountable. We cannot afford to wait any longer to take action on climate in New York. Will the senator/ assembly member/ governor publicly support and/or cosponsor both of these pieces of legislation?


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