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New Rochelle School Board Elections - 2021

Updated: May 17

The New Rochelle School Board elections are upon us! On Tuesday, May 18 is Election Day, New Rochelle residents will be voting for School Board, Public Library Board of Trustees members and the School Budget. For the New Rochelle School Board, there are eight (8) candidates running for three (3) open seats. Links to the School Budget and polling locations are below.

Four (4) of those candidates had filed petitions, had been in contact with our group and were given the opportunity to introduce themselves at our April 24 meeting. These candidates have remained in touch with Indivisible New Rochelle and members of our group have been supporting their elections in various capacities.

Here are links to volunteer activities that have been provided by their campaigns (in alphabetical order by first name):

David Peters

The David Peters campaign needs your help in any of the following ways:

  • Literature Drop, putting palm cards in doorways on Saturday or Sunday. This can be done for David alone or if you are already distributing palm cards for Roshanie Ross, Don Vega and/or Lucille Renwick his campaign would appreciate your stapling in David Peter’s cards along with those. His campaign feels that his philosophy and positions are congenial with those three.

  • Phone calls from home on Saturday, Sunday or Monday.

  • Lawn signs: We still have some. Please consider putting one on your lawn.

  • Videos: David has created the following four videos so you can get to know him:

  • Introduction

  • Safety

  • Communication

  • Superintendent

  • School Principal

If you are available for different days or have other ideas on how to help, please let us know. Contact: Gene Tozzi: etozzi@gmail.com or 914-672-1088 (cell)

Donald Vega

Don's campaign is ready for volunteers from INR! If anyone would like to assist with flyer distribution, lawn sign placement, or text outreach over this final weekend before the election. Friend-to-friend outreach helps get out the vote and remind voters about this important election! Every vote matters!

To learn how to help, reach out to Don by email at Vega4NewRochelle@gmail.com or connect on Facebook.

Joe Andrews Joe's campaign can be reached at j.andrews2094@gmail.com and 914-222-1084 to help with his post cards. Here is 1:1 Q&A video featuring Joe.

Roshanie Ross Roshanie's campaign is ready for volunteers from INR including help with lit-drops, phone banking and lawn signs. It’s going to be a beautiful weekend to take a walk and hang door hangers for Roshanie (it's contactless and Covid-safe!). Please sign up at this link to help.

Learn more about Roshanie at roshanieaross@gmail.com, www.roshanieross.org, and Facebook.

Click this video link to hear from Roshanie about why she's running.

Below are candidates running for School Board who have not reached out to Indivisible New Rochelle (in alphabetical order by first name):

Ideally, you have gotten a chance to listen to all of the candidates directly—either at our meeting, a meet & greet, or at the PTA or Fuerza Latina/LWV forums. Here are links to the forums:

School Budget and Voting Information

Links to information on the School Budget and voting locations are below. Please pass this information along, particularly the voting location information. The location can be different from the usual polling location.


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