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New Rochelle School Board & School Budget Vote - May 15

Updated: May 5, 2018

Indivisible New Rochelle - School Board Candidate Q&A

On April 29, we had the opportunity to speak with of six candidates who are running for the New Rochelle School Board (please see below more materials on each candidate).

  • Heriberto Contreras

  • Christopher Daniello

  • Vincent Malfetano

  • Julia Muggia Ochs

  • David Peters

  • Valerie Samn

The Q&A was moderated by our Education Team Lead, Mary K. Sanford. In addition to providing a 2-minute introductory statement, each candidate was asked the following questions, which were adapted from specific questions from Indivisible New Rochelle members:

  • Budget: Do you plan to take a “yes” or “no” vote on the school budget. Will this be a key issue that you will focus on in your campaign?

  • Student Achievement: The state tax cap requires districts to make hard choices about how to spend limited resources. New Rochelle’s achievement gap is persistent and in some cases widening across ethnicities and exceptionalities. It is also linked to other problems facing our district. What is your vision for addressing the school achievement gap across the district? Please refer to handout, "New Rochelle City School District Graduation Rate")

  • School Security and Safety: This is an issue of great concern throughout our city and especially within the school district. We are aware that there has been a great deal of attention on residency of students, while there are specific and far more impactful underlying causes. Describe your proposal for insuring a safe and supportive environment for students and staff with an emphasis on solutions that are specific, abiding, and foundational, and reflect the rich diversity of our schools and community.

For further information on the School Budget and the election, please visit the New Rochelle School Board website. Here is a high-level presentation on the budget.

The Candidates

Here are links to the candidates' websites and informational resources: