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#Save SCOTUS - Action Updates

Brett Kavanaugh - Why we must try to block this authoritarian’s SCOTUS choice

  • Protecting the wealthy at the expense of workers and labor:

  • Stated Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is unconstitutional - would stop lawsuits against predatory credit cards, student loan companies.

  • Ruled corporations can deny workers’ collective bargaining rights and are not obliged to protect workers from discrimination (race, gender, orientation).

  • Ruled against net neutrality

  • Roe vs. Wade: Ruled to block legal access to abortion, stated Roe vs. Wade is flawed and justices can disregard the rule of the land in appellate courts.

  • ACA: Expected to rule in favor of 20 states suing to end their ACA obligations, effectively gutting the program.

  • Environment: Consistently ruled against EPA regulations aimed at curbing pollution and efforts to combat climate change.

  • Gun Safety: Argued that a ban on assault weapons is unconstitutional

  • The Investigations: Questioned legality of Supreme Court’s ruling on turnover of Watergate tapes. Questions whether POTUS can be subject to criminal investigation. Unlikely to support revealing “dark money” campaign contributions.

#SaveSCOTUS - Stopping Kavanaugh requires a No Vote from all Democrats and One Republican.

Indivisible’s Plan for NY

  • Call Senator Schumer to insist he pull out all the stops to hold the Democratic Senators together and to not allow a premature vote.

  • Other Senators: Encourage friends and family to call Collins (MN) or Murkowski (AL) and demand they vote NO based on their past support for reproductive rights. Friends and family in West Virginia, North Dakota or Indiana should demand their red-state Senators vote NO with the Dem caucus [Manuchin (WV), Heitkamp (ND), or Donnelly (IN)].

· Midterms, #100DaysOut: Senate seats will influence committees, including judiciary which effects Appellate, not just SC. Check out support for these national races https://www.indivisible.org/100daysout-phonebank-signup/.

Senator Schumer: (202) 224-6542 AND (212) 486-4430 (Sample modified from Indivisible.org)

Caller: Hello! My name is ___ and I’m calling from [part of state]. I am calling about the Brett Kavanaugh nomination whip the entire Democratic caucus to vote no? The only way we can prevent the Supreme Court from swinging to the far right for decades is if Democrats hold together and vote no.

Staffer: << Likely to say something like “BK is bad, but I cannot control other senator’s votes.>>

Caller: I disagree. Senator Schumer is the leader of the Senate Democrats and anything less than Democratic unity is unacceptable. The leader of the Democrats should be able to keep the caucus together based on how Kavanaugh is likely to rule on.. <<pick your favorite, make it personal.>> In addition, Kavanaugh is going to let Trump pardon criminals and protect him from charges of election finance crimes or even collusion.

Staffer: Senator Schumer shares your concern about those issues. I’ll make sure Senator Schumer gets your message.

Caller: Thank you. If Senator Schumer shares my concern, he will whip as hard and as long as he needs to hold the caucus together. I will be watching to see if Senator Schumer leads his caucus to unity or not.


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