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Spring is Coming - Plant a Tree!

New Rochelle has a Plant-a-Tree program and they need to hear from us! To request that a tree be planted, use New Rochelle's “Plant-a-Tree” form.

No space for a tree in front of your home? Consider asking for a tree in your front yard (space permitting). If that isn't an option, consider asking for a tree to be planted in a nearby park or public space. You can request that a tree be planted at a specific address, a street island or a park. Trees provide oxygen, improve air quality, support wildlife and provide much needed shade. Strategically placed trees can even reduce the need for air conditioning!

New Rochelle needs to hear that we care about trees! In addition to using a form, give these officials a call to let them know you are interested in the tree program.

  • Scott Pickup, Commissioner of Public Works - 914-654-2129

  • Bill Zimmerman, Commissioner of Parks & Recreation 9140654-2087

  • Mayor Noam Bramson - 914-654-2150


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