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Tools & Tips for Contacting our MoCs

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

Here is the contact information for our Members of Congress:

Chuck Schumer

DC - (202) 224-6542 (phone) | (202) 228-3027 (fax)

Peekskill - (914) 734-1532 (phone) | (914) 734-1673 (fax)

New York City - (212) 486-4430 (phone) | (202) 228-2838 (fax) | (212) 486-7803 (TDD)

Kirsten Gillibrand

DC - (202) 224-4451 (phone) | (202) 228-0282 (fax)

Hudson - (845) 875-4585 (phone) | (845) 875-9099 (fax)

New York City - (212) 688-6262 (phone) | (866) 824-6340 (fax)

Eliot Engel

DC - (202) 225-2464 (phone) | (202) 225-5513 (fax)

Mt. Vernon - (914) 699-4100 (phone) | (914) 699-3646 (fax)

Bronx - (718) 796-9700 (phone) | (718) 796-5134 (fax)

Tools and Alternatives for Calling

Tired of your calls to representatives not getting through? Or do you want to make phone calls, but you can't do it until off hours? You can still make your voice heard or send a fax. Check out these two FREE tools to be heard:

Stance - http://takeastance.us/

Download the Stance app to your iPhone or Android , lRecord your voice message to your Senators and let the app do the dialing!

Go to the App store on your phone, look up Stance and download it to your phone. Setup is very easy.

Resistbot - https://resistbot.io/

Create and send faxes through your messaging app!

Text Resist to 50409 and follow the prompts to create and send faxes. Resistbot will format the text in your message as a professional-looking fax.

5 Calls - https://5calls.org/

Calling MoCs is one of the most effective ways to be heard. 5 Calls is the easiest and most effective way for citizens to make an impact on specific issues Turn your passive participation into active resistance.

Identify your area of interest and receive phone numbers and scripts to call specific representatives or government offices right from the website. Or go to the app store and enter "5 calls" to use the service from your phone.

Tools for Faxing


FaxZero is a tool that allows you to send faxes for free from your computer. Here's how touse this:

  1. Create your document using Word, then save it.

  2. Once your document is saved, then go to the page for either your Senators or your House Reps (see links below).

  3. Find the name, and click on it.

  4. Enter your Sender information.

  5. Select the document that you saved in the "Fax Information" area. The cover page text is optional.

  6. Type the confirmation code.

  7. Click "Send Free Fax Now"

Click here to fax your Senators: FaxZero for Senators

Click here to fax your Representatives: FaxZero for House Representatives


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