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Westchester County Budget - Make Our Voices Heard

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

We are now in the Public Hearings phase of the Westchester County Budget process. There are three public hearings scheduled over the next several weeks:

Public hearings at 7PM - arrive by 6:15 if you want to speak

Thanks to Gene Tozzi, for the budget overview document which are displayed below. If you want to download the document, please click on this link. Please note that budget amounts on page 2 show expenses only and does not include revenues. Some of the budget categories, such as County Clerk and Parks, are able to offset expenses through the revenues brought in.

Click here for the full Westchester County Budget proposals

This page on the Westchester County website walks through the budget creation process. Public Hearings are part of the formal Budget Review process. For your reference, we've copied these next steps from the County website.

  • The board schedules public hearings. These usually include two hearings before the deadline for additions, as well as a final formal Charter-mandated hearing in the Legislative Chambers.

  • The legislature continues to review the proposed budget in committee. In advance of the scheduled vote, the Committee on Budget Appropriations issues a report with its recommended deletions (if any) to the Board of Legislators.

  • The Board of Legislators, in a public session, debates the budget. There are often votes on individual changes included in the budget committee's report as well as other changes suggested from the floor by legislators. At this point, nothing new may be added; there may only be deletions.

The deadline for the budget is December 27.


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