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Wise Words from Robert Reich on Brett Kavanaugh

From Robert Reich:

Six things you should know about Brett Kavanaugh:

  • He has suggested enlarging a president’s power to block criminal and civil actions against him. This may be his most attractive feature to Trump.

  • He has had a highly partisan legal career: Working for the independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr, he 1) pushed hard to confront Bill Clinton with some of the dirtiest facts linked to his sexual indiscretions with Monica Lewinsky. 2) He laid out very broad grounds to impeach Clinton (in words that Democrats can now seize on to apply to Mr. Trump and the Russia investigation). 3) He worked on Bush’s legal team during the 2000 Florida recount, which resulted in Bush winning a party-line Supreme Court vote to install him in office.

  • I've found it hard to find evidence on how he would vote on overturning pro-choice Roe v. Wade, or Obergefell v. Hodgeson, the right of gays to marry.

  • His judicial decisions have consistently backed big business -- on the environment, labor, and consumer protection.

  • It will be difficult for Democratic senators in red states to oppose him because of his establishment legal credentials, including Yale Law School, Yale Law Review, and Assistant to the Solicitor General (full disclosure: I have these credentials, too).

  • His voluminous record could prolong the confirmation process past the November election, as senators insist on poring through everything. That could motivate some people to vote who otherwise might not, although far from clear they would mostly be Democrats.


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