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Your Personal Data is an Open Book in Trump's FCC

So much has happened in the Trump era that we can not keep track. One thing that has been happening, silently, in the black box of technology is the loosening of restrictions whereby corporations (Verizon, ATT) can access and therefore own your personal data. Here's how it works...


A. 4 billion unique device owners large & small exchanging uniquely-addressed individual packets.

B. A cloud because the wires and boxes are numerically addressed, no matter where they are.

C. The internet is not a thing, anyway. It’s a “protocol” on wire, a language. Not France, it’s French.

D. “DNS” finds actual address numbers from names. “WEB http” hides new site “urls” under clicks.

E. “Internet Service Provider.” You pay an outside wire owner to use an empty voice or video

channel to nearby networks, which “internet” worldwide, like roads. “Provided” is a rented driveway.

F. At home, off the net, your personally-owned and addressed software & hardware “packetizes” your voice, video, data, text, or click into a “datagram,“ or “packet,” & transmits it as 1's and 0’s code. It is addressed, return-addressed, self-steering, self-correcting, self-recycling, and will ask for missing reply packets—the networks being “dumb” by design, and “unreliable” by US treaty.


  1. Law: SJ 34, March 16, 2017: …Nullifies the rule [of] the Federal Communications Commission …on December 2, 2016 [which applied] the customer privacy requirements of the Communications Act of 1934 to broadband Internet access service and other telecommunications services… —Congressional Research Service. Yep, nullifies. Private messages carried for hire may be opened, their value taken without recompense.

  2. FFCC Regulation “Restoring Internet Freedom,” December 2017. Removes Net Neutrality. ISPs may act on what they read (#1, above): filter digital website streams into slow and “fast” lanes. (The “Save the Internet Act of 2019” proposed March 9 would reverse this, but overlooks #1 above, and #3 below. Meh. Centrist hand-waving, I think. Unintended consequence, win or lose? May drive ISPs toward personal profiling, instead of the filtering they are set up for and lobbied for.)

  3. FFCC “Wireless Messaging Service Declaratory Ruling - WT Docket No. 08-7,” Nov 21 2018: ISP carriers may open & own phone texts, the primary method of under-30 communication. Creepy!

Does the idea of Trump's FCC deregulating who can see (and own) your personal data bother you? Join Indivisible New Rochelle as we work to promote smart legislation to combat this. Email us here.


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