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Zoom Meetings - Tips and Quick Links

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

New to Zoom and not quite sure what to do? Here are some quick links.

What do you need to use Zoom?

  • An internet connected computer, laptop, or device

  • Your meeting ID number/link to join the meeting (in the invitation)

  • Speakers or a headset OR a phone (if you’re unable to receive audio via your computer, laptop, or device)

  • A webcam (optional)

Getting Started on Windows and Mac

This provides a link for downloading Zoom at the top and then provides a quick guide for setting up. It is recommended that you take a look at this article if you are using Zoom for the first time. Please note -- once you have setup Zoom on your computer, you will not have to set it up again, for other meetings. Setting up is a one-time process.

Joining a Meeting

How do I join a meeting that I’ve been invited to?

Active Speaker - Video Layout

Who am I seeing on my screen? Active Speaker versus Gallery View

Sharing Your Screen (video)

How do I share my screen?

How do I Start or Join a Scheduled Meeting as a Host?

How do I host a meeting? Zoom basic provides a FREE account that lets you setup 40-minute meetings. Once you have hit 40-minutes, the meeting will end, but you can start it up again. The 40-minute limit does not apply to Zoom meetings between only two people.

This diagram provides a nice diagram of the Zoom meeting interface (thanks go to Opus for creating this)

A few basics...

Audio Basics

Click on the microphone icon to mute and unmute audio. The red line through the microphone indicates that you are muted so no one in the meeting will be able to hear you. Icon at the bottom of the screen toggles audio “on” and “off.”

If you do not have audio on your computer, you can indicate that you want to use "Phone Call" for audio conferencing. You can do this when you join Zoom.

You can test your audio connection before joining by clicking the “Test Computer Mic & Speakers” link. The audio preferences will open. You can test the volume and output of your speaker device by select "Test Speaker". If you cannot hear, change the output source by selecting a different speaker device.

Video Basics

Click on camera icon to turn “on” and “off” the webcam. The red line through the camera indicates your webcam if “off” and no one in the meeting can see you. Please note that video is optional.

Zoom Help Center - Zoom provides a lot of resources -- many of us are using Zoom Meetings to get connected with colleagues, friends and family. The links above provide a general orientation -- consult the Help Center to look up a specific question that you don't see here.

Below is a curated list of Zoom Help files


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