Today's One Thing

to Defeat Trump

Monday, April 13, 2020 -- One Thing
Letters to the Senate and House of Representatives


The next stimulus package has a chance to shore up elections and ensure smooth operations at the US Postal Service. For details see the bottom of the email. Today we are asking you to join your fellow INR members in writing to Senators Schumer and Gillibrand and Congressman Engel, demanding a just, democracy-saving Stimulus Package #4. We can bundle your letter if received by end of day, Wednesday, April 15th. This is so easy. Many thanks to those who have written.


Let your creative juices flow, or copy and paste the text below with customization.  Send the completed 3 letters to us at by email or as an attachment by Wednesday, April 15th. Amplify on your social network! Once we have a stack, we will deliver them to staff.

Dear XXXX,

We are grateful for the hard work you put into the CARES act. In the 4th stimulus package, we need to do more to restore our communities after the pandemic. Please fight for these important measures.

  • Elections: The next bill must include sufficient funds for vote by mail and other infrastructure improvements to expand the franchise and to secure elections with an accountability system that ensures state’s use their grants for these purposes.

  • Education: While the funding in the CARES Act was a good start, school must receive substantially more federal assistance now for the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Communications: Provide the USPS with real cash assistance, not just loans- it is essential infrastructure. Provide equitable access to communication infrastructure by expanding broadband to underserved urban and rural areas.

  • Financial Assistance: Increase unemployment benefits to cover additional months. Solidify paid family and sick leave for both illness and self-quarantine orders. Expand the housing and rental relief that is provided in CARES. Provide hazard pay for all essential medical and non-medical workers.

  • Hospitals and Health Care Workers: More money will be required to ensure public hospitals continue to function after the pandemic. H.R. 6139, the Health Care Worker Protection Act needs to be included in the next round of COVID-19 legislation.

  • Immigration Rights: The next stimulus package should focus on recovery and not be an excuse to further the GOP attacks on immigration. Please ensure that the next stimulus package does not include funding for NEW ICE or CBP detention facilities or processes.

  • Oversight: Strengthen the corporate bailout provisions in the CARES Act eliminating stock buy-backs.


For more information about the threat to the US Postal Service, see this link here.

In April, Wisconsinites were forced to vote in-person during the pandemic, and in Milwaukee the normal 180 polling sites were reduced down to 5. For a perspective on why we have to fight now to preserve our democracy, see this link here.