Vote Team

Welcome to the voter registration, education and protection team!


The following are our areas of focus: 

Voter Registration:

Choosing locations and populations to distribute registration forms throughout the summer and into the fall and organizing voter registration dives. This includes schools/colleges, street fairs, jails, low-income housing, medical and assisted-living facilities, and places of worship. Suggestions welcome - please email here with any suggestions.

Voter Education:

Casting your vote is the focus here. The goal is to get more people to the polls by illustrating why voting matters. Members of the vote team will collect research on issues (such as health care, the judiciary system, student financial aid) as well as creating print and online materials for voter registration drives and general distribution. Voter education is geared toward the midterms and beyond!

Voter Protection:

To ensure that every valid vote is cast, voter protection is critical. A 90-minute training session to become a poll watcher (different from a poll worker) on Election Day will be offered in the fall.

Background: Voter Reform

Does New York really have outdated voting laws?




Our state's voter laws make it harder for New Yorkers to vote. But we're a blue state?! Even though it seems contradictory for a progressive blue state  New York is in the category of the most difficult in which to vote. Indivisible New Rochelle is partnering with the group, Let NY Vote.  We are focused on the following five election reforms:

  1. Early Voting

  2. Automatic Voter Registration

  3. Flexibility to Change Party Affiliation

  4. Electronic Poll Books

  5. Restoring Voting Rights for People on Parole


Read more details on these initiatives here.


It's time to give this issue some serious Indivisible Attention!  Here are some quick actions you can take:

If you need any motivation or to be reminded of how important voter engagement is, see how New York stacked up for voter turnout in 2016. Below 50%.

Voter Turnout in 2016 Electio